We provide you with the knowledge and network you need.

The Aurelia Ventures Program that is tailored to your milestones, connects you to a network of experts and gives you access to perks & benefits worth $1,250,000+ so you can extend your runway.



In-depth assessment of your company to identify potential obstacles that may emerge while you scale. This can be legal/IP issues, corporate structures that may harm your ability to raise funds or product issues.

The topics we discuss are specific to your unique situation, business model and growth plans.

Perks & Benefits

After being accepted in the program you will have access to cloud credits and discounts from our Tech Partners such as Google, AWS, IBM Cloud, HubSpot, Stripe and many more worth $1,250,000+.

We help you to reduce your expenses and extend your runway and scale efficiently.

Alumni network

You will become part of the Aurelia Venture Alumni community and have access to a rich network of global entrepreneurs who are, like you, build outstanding tech-companies around the world. We have local chapters where you can get connected to entrepreneurs in your area and join local alumni meetings.

Surround yourself with those who are on the same mission as you and you will succeed.


You will gain access to our network of mentors who are experienced in working with high-growth tech companies. Our network contains lawyers, designers, UX specialists, software developers, product manager and many more. If there comes one day the moment where you don’t know anymore how to proceed, we know the right person who can help you out.

Perks & Benefits

Apply to the Aurelia Ventures Program to get access to all perks & benefits worth $1,250,000+. Our goal is to help you to reduce your expenses and extend your runway so you can focus on building great products.

Aurelia Ventures is an official startup partner of AWS Activate, Google for Startups, HubSpot for Startups and Startup with IBM.

Google Cloud Platform and Firebase credits

Value: Depending on each startup

$10,000 AWS credits + AWS Business Support

Value: $15,000

90% discount on all plans

Value: $63,360

6 months free of Zendesk Support and Sales CRM

Value: $35,000

$100,000 Segment credits

Value: $100,000

$120,000 Cloud Credits

Value: $120,000

See all our perks & benefits worth $1,250,000+ from our partners such as Customer.io, Monday.com, InVision, Zeplin and many more.

What our startups are saying about us

Roman Pfeiffer profile

The Google Cloud Platform (GCP) credits have been tremendously helpful for us at EasyAlfred. It's been a pleasure to speak with Felix and the Aurelia Ventures team throughout this year. And the value is paid in the first month in software savings.

- Brian, Founder & CEO EasyAlfred

Sophia profile

Aurelia Ventures and their very personal, hands-on approach to support startups is really unique. They were super responsive and there for us whenever we needed them and supported us with the right advice, mentors, cloud credits and discounts at the right time.

- Merritt, Founder & CEO Meet

Marta profile

Being part of Aurelia Ventures has helped us to make significant progress. The support and their experience of the Aurelia Venture team have been extremely beneficial in our development.

- Reagan, Founder & CEO bamms

Roman Pfeiffer profile

The cloud credits had a huge impact on our startup. They have helped us to significantly reduce our R&D expenses and allowed us to get from MVP to proof of concept in a very short time. Felix also introduced us to his extended network where we meet an amazing advisor who is also supporting us now.

- Shadi, Co-founder Axcel

Sophia profile

Being a start-up in todays’ date we wanted to partner up with a Mentorship Program that could help us dial in further into our efforts. Partnering with Aurelia Ventures provides you with secure, community based resource for all things required to build a company from ground-up. Alessio and Felix are helpful, intelligent, and thoughtful mentors who can provide such insight and guidance.

- Armaan, Co-founder & CEO eatOS

Khasan, Founder of PLEX

Aurelia Ventures helped us in one of the most crucial moments of our startup development. Their personal support, throughout consulting, fast and efficient work is what makes them unique. They supported us in every aspect, whether it be advice, mentors, or cloud credits and Felix and Alessio, the founders of Aurelia Ventures, are truly awesome people who are willing to help anytime in need.

- Khasan, Co-founder & CTO PLEX

Roman Pfeiffer profile

Aurelia Ventures has been instrumental in helping us get the resources and tools we need to meet the demand and needs of our business. The team at Aurelia has been extremely responsive and insightful in helping us get what we need at critical times to keep the business moving forward.

- Jake, Co-founder & COO perf.dev

Sophia profile

Aurelia Ventures was the first venture firm that we had the opportunity to work with which truly allowed us to get up on our feet with the foundational tools and technologies required for a software startup. It's the best 'Startup Package for Startups' that I saw in the market that helped me filter through all the productivity tools, cloud environments and more - in order to focus on product development - with nice discounts! Thanks to Felix and the team for being so responsive and fun to work with ????

- Kartik, Co-founder & CEO Devron.ai

Khasan, Founder of PLEX

Our business grew to over 1.5m users in under 6 months. Our server costs were ballooning faster than we could iterate our pricing structure. Aurelia Ventures gave us immediate access to hosting credits allowing for some breathing space to align our costs and pricing structure without needing to limit our growth trajectory.

- Ben, Founder COVID Comply

Program requirements

When you scale a company we know you don’t have much time for anything else. That’s why we offer a low-commitment program structure.

  • You will have one kick-off session (can be online) with the founders of Aurelia Ventures. During the session, we can speak about your most urgent questions and challenges and we give you recommendations on how to overcome these challenges.
  • Afterwards, you have access to $1,250,000+ in perks & benefits and we connect you to our mentors for a free consultation in case you need additional support from industry experts.

Our low-commitment program structure is best suited for ambitious entrepreneurs who want to benefit immediately from our mentor network and perks and benefits, don’t want to give away equity and who are interested in joining a community of like-minded (serial-) entrepreneurs.

Selection criteria

We are looking for startups across industries and business models that develop technology products or services for external customers or users (B2C or B2B). We work with startups worldwide, at various development stages.

What matters is:
  • Tech industry experience of team members
  • You are passionate about your company and your vision
  • You are building a technology-related product or service
  • Your company is incorporated
It doesn't matter:
  • The stage of your company (idea, MVP, growth, etc.)
  • If you generate revenue
  • How many people work in your company or if it's only you
  • Where you are located (we work with companies worldwide)

Startup profile

When you join Aurelia Ventures you join a diverse and talented community of entrepreneurs, disruptors and creators from around the globe. Like you, our entrepreneurs are people who think differently; who are challenging the status quo and who build disruptive companies.










AI / Big Data











Application process

We review applications on a constant basis. Our goal is to notify the entrepreneurs within 24 hours of submitting the application.

1. Apply

Submit your application. We are reviewing your application and will get back to you within 24h. For startups invited to the interview, we need to meet the CEO and all key team members who will attend the kick-off session and join the online community, etc. We notify startups on the day after the interview and the kick-off session is scheduled a few days later.

2. Perks & Benefits

After being accepted into the program you will get access to all $1,250,000+ credits and discounts from our partners such as Google, AWS, HubSpot, and many more. Also, you will gain immediate access to our network of mentors and you will become part of the Aurelia Ventures entrepreneur community on Slack. You will get connected to other entrepreneurs in your region which in the same way as you scaling companies right now.

3. Kick-off session

We will invite you to have a kick-off session where we speak about your current challenges and give you recommendations for your unique situation. The meeting will be conducted by our founding members who are experienced in scaling tech-companies and can provide you with a unique “second opinion” on how to tackle your challenges.

Program fee

Aurelia Ventures does not take any equity. We know how important a clean cap table is when you continue raising funds from VCs. There’s a $6,990 program fee per startup to cover the costs of running the program due upon admission to the program. This fee is usually tax-deductible (check with your tax advisor to confirm). There is no fee to apply to the program.

The program fee includes a 1-year membership for your company, unlimited access to all existing and upcoming credits, discounts and first-time consultations with the mentors. To keep access to all perks & benefits you can renew your membership for $890/year which grants you another year of unlimited access for your company to all existing and future perks & benefits.

Apply by April 30 to the Spring/Summer 2021 cohort








Admission on a rolling basis. Each cohort is limited to 15 companies and will be closed before the deadline ends when all seats are taken.


UPDATE: All seats of the Spring/Summer cohort has been allocated. Please apply to our next cohort from 1st of May on.

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