Strategic Partners


Inbound Marketing

Aspiration Marketing has helped companies go from humble beginnings to unicorn evaluations. They’re working with startups in many countries, getting word-of-mouth referrals from leading global venture capital firms, and forging long-term engagements with their customers. 

Benefit for Aurelia startups: A free consultation with the experts

HubSpot CRM Implementation, Revenue Operations as a Service

ScaleOps is here to help you implement and optimize your CRM with the best systems made for scale, building you the infrastructure and proper alignment between Marketing, Sales & Service so that you can take your business to the next level. They focus on optimization, analytics, and automation to set your operations on the path of growth and success. They are a proud HubSpot Platinum Partner.

Benefit for Aurelia startups: A free consultation with the experts

DevOps, AI & Software development

Think-it is an engineering collective on a mission to unlock human potential through sustainable use of technology. Their high-tech, low-carbon solutions help innovative teams around the world lower costs, democratize data, and reach net-zero faster. Founded in 2017, Think-it is home to a high-performing and diverse team of changemakers in Germany, Tunisia, and around the world — including 8+ nationalities and 40% women. 

Benefit for Aurelia startups: A free consultation with the experts


Global/Remote Health Insurance

Remote Health by SafetyWing is a global health insurance plan that works for your entire international team, regardless of where they choose to live, work, or travel. No exclusions for pandemics.

Benefit for Aurelia startups: 15% on Remote Health coverage for yourself, your family, or your remote team (worth USD 2,500)

Information Security, Cyber Security and Compliance consultancy services

Romano Security Consulting is a small but perfectly formed boutique information security consultancy that offers a range of Information Security, Cyber Security, and Compliance consultancy services. They have expertise in security governance, auditing, incident management, incident response and cyber resilience, project management, producing, enhancing, and reviewing technical and management system documentation, security awareness training, business continuity, and disaster recovery planning and testing, risk assessment, and risk management, control implementation, security accreditation, and third party supplier compliance.

Benefit for Aurelia startups: A free consultation with the experts.

Compliance and Security (SOC 2, SOC 1, ISO 27001, HIPAA, PCI, GDPR)

Laika is a one-stop-shop for all things compliance & security. They help you design and manage compliance workflows, obtain security certifications (SOC 2, SOC 1, ISO 27001), comply with regulations (HIPAA, PCI, GDPR), and build trust with enterprise customers. Laika combines cutting-edge software with decades of industry expertise. Get ready for an audit and respond to any security RFI or questionnaires in record time with Laika.

Benefit for Aurelia startups: A free consultation with the experts.

Global employment solutions

Remote empowers companies of all sizes to pay and manage full-time and contract workers around the world. They take care of international payroll, benefits, taxes, stock options, and compliance in dozens of countries.

Benefits for Aurelia startups:

  • 12 months FREE Employer of Record services for first employee onboarded
  • 2 months FREE for each subsequent employee onboarded in that first year (on an annualized basis)
  • FREE contractor payment management

Recruitment in Latin America

Listopro is the leading hiring platform for digital talent in Latin America (e.g. developers, data science, product managers, digital marketing, or software sales).

Benefit for Aurelia startups: A free consultation with the experts.

The Legal Hub for Founders and Attorneys

Savvi Legal is a collaborative legal platform that enables founders to complete legal documents, filings, and due diligence in one place. In addition, Savvi provides a curated partner network of attorneys and other back-office providers who specialize in startups on the fundraising path.

Benefits for Aurelia startups:

  • Up to $1,200 in credit towards Savvi’s services (i.e., entity formation, data-room and cap table setup, financing support, counsel, etc.)

Software for raising capital and managing investors

Foundersuite makes software for raising capital and managing investor relations. Foundersuite has been used by startups worldwide to raise over $3 Billion in seed and venture capital.

Benefit for Aurelia startups: 40% off any Silver or Gold Annual Plan (which already has a 10% discount baked in). This includes access to the entire platform, and includes multiple users at no extra charge

The Ultimate Pitch Deck Template

PitchSavior is the smart pitch deck template that saves you time, money, and headaches.

Benefits for Aurelia startups:

40% off and 50% off for LATAM or ASIA

Financial planning Course

Tiny CFO School is a 5-week cohort-based program focused on corporate (business) finance essentials for entrepreneurs. You’ll get a deeper understanding of your own numbers, clarity on what’s important and what isn’t, and build a financial model to help you guide the future of your business.

Benefits for Aurelia startups:

20% off from Tiny CFO School

United States

US - Claim tax credits

MainStreet helps software, hardware, and venture-backed startups discover & claim tax credits they’ve never heard of in 20 min. They have helped startups claim over $80M in the last year alone. 90% of startups qualify, and it’s free to see how much you’re owed. And the best thing is you can connect the tools you already use anyway (and which you get discounted through Aurelia) such as Xero and Gusto. MainStreet only gets paid if you do and it’s free to see how much you’re owed.

Benefit for Aurelia startups: 25% discount on the MainStreet fee

US - Business bank account

Brex makes it easy to get your complete business account set up the right way, with credit cards, cash management, expenses, and accounting in one place. Open an account online in 10 minutes, and get an account number, routing number, and credit cards instantly upon approval, with no personal guarantee. Brex doesn’t charge fees to send checks, ACH, or wires—even internationally—and you earn up to 8x in cashback on your Brex card. With your credit, cash, and controls in one place, Brex is your financial OS.

Benefits for Aurelia startups:

  • Company onboarding via their Preferred Partner Network – more lenient application approval
  • Up to $500 in sign-up bonus
  • Priority onboarding and paired with their dedicated VIP Experience team
  • Free Brex Premium – ($49/month)
  • Stackable $2,500 AWS credits + $150,000 in startup perks (Carta, Slack, Zoom, etc.)
  • Instant qualification for a Brex Cash business account – companies with a US incorporation (EIN) can get approved

US - Incorporation

Clerky is how the best startups get legal paperwork done. Incorporate and get access to our other formation, fundraising, and hiring products. We’re the only online service obsessed with helping startup founders get legal paperwork done safely.

Benefit for Aurelia startups: $4,000+ discount on the company lifetime package

Recruitment in the US

Founded by Harvard & Stanford alumni, Alariss is the premier platform for tech firms to find, legally hire, and pay top U.S. Business Development talent.

Benefit for Aurelia startups: 80% discount

US immigration and work visas

Loigica is an immigration boutique with a stellar national reputation. Their goal is to provide the best immigration experience for all of the clients.

Benefit for Aurelia startups: A free consultation with the experts.

Tech-enabled 401(k) advisor

Forusall is a 401(k) benefits provider that goes beyond the basics of most retirement plans. They offer more opportunities for growth, holistic financial wellness and investment guidance, and full automation and fiduciary protection so you can spend your time growing your business; not administering the plan.

Benefit for Aurelia startups: A free consultation with the experts.

Inclusionscore logo

ISO-30415 standard Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) audit

InclusionScore can seamlessly identify and handoff an organization to regional D&I services vendors that can assist in scaling that organization’s D&I maturity across their corporate Governance, Product Delivery, Human Resources, and Supplier Diversity. 

Benefit for Aurelia startups: A free consultation with the experts.


Singapore - Business bank account

Aspire is Southeast Asia’s #1 business account to offer modern entrepreneurs and digital-savvy businesses with convenience and simplicity to manage their business within a single account. Opening an account is free, can be done online within 5 minutes, and comes with Aspire Card offering cashback on qualifying spend. Other product offerings include the best-in market FX rates and access to a credit line to grow your business.

Benefits for Aurelia startups:

  • Aspire is offering in collaboration with Aurelia Ventures 5% cashback for all online marketing and SaaS expenses! (worth USD 1,000)
  • 100% free and digital business debit account and card opening.
  • Secured Visa card offering cashback for businesses.
  • Lowest FX rates by Transferwise, up to 7x cheaper than banks across 50+ currencies.

Singapore - Business bank account

Volopay is an all-in-one expense management platform combined with smart corporate credit cards, bill payments, expense reimbursements, and accounting automation, all in one place to help companies manage their business payables and expenses.

Benefits for Aurelia startups: 80% off on the Pro plan

Spenmo discount for Startups

Singapore - Business Payments management

Spenmo is a spend management platform with smart corporate cards to help businesses gain control and visibility overspending.

Benefit for Aurelia startups: 25% discount for 3 months for your company.

Singapore & HK - Incorporation

Osome is the best and easiest way to incorporate a company in Singapore, UK or Hong Kong. Get your company registered fast and online, and fast-tracked to a business account. All government fees and must-have services are included, for foreigners and Singapore locals. We track deadlines, file documents, and answer questions daily. All standard resolutions and routine filings are included in the plan.

Benefit for Aurelia startups: 8% discount on any Osome services (worth USD 800)

Recruitment in Asia

TalentTribe is a job search platform that specializes in helping companies hire early-to-mid career talent.

Benefit for Aurelia startups: 20% off their recruitment services