Segment makes analytics easy for startups. Instrument your web & mobile app with a beautiful analytics API, and integrate 250+ tools (like Google Analytics, Amplitude,, Redshift, etc.) with the flip of a switch.

Segment now has a special partnership with Aurelia Ventures! Each early stage Aurelia Ventures startups can get $50,000 in Segment credits per year.

In addition to the free Segment credits, you enjoy access to $1,000,000 in additional perks & benefits through the Segment startup program, and you are able to join the Segment office hour. Segment has worked with Y-Combinator to develop a talk called Analytics for Startups that is a must-have for every data-driven entrepreneur. Also, Segment likes to help startups by giving you priority support and analytics advice and act as angel investors. They would love to hear more about your business. It hasn’t been that long since they were searching for product-market fit themselves.


  • $50,000 in Segment credits per year
  • $1,000,000+ of free tools through the Segment startup program such as up to $25,000 AWS credits, $50,000 Mixpanel credits, $1,000 Brex sign-up bonus, $20,000 in fee-free Stripe processing and more. View all of the Segment Startup Program deals here.


  • Available also to existing Segment customers
  • Less than 24 months since founding
  • Raised less than $5M USD

Your savings

  • $50,000 Segment credits per year
  • $ 1,000,000 in additional savings through the Segment startup program

TOTAL $100,000+

How to redeem

This partner benefit is available only to Aurelia Ventures portfolio companies. Please apply to the Rise Program to interview for the next cohort. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

If you are already one of our startups please log in to your account.