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Extend your runway and reduce your expenses with the perks & benefits from our global partners. Get credits and discounts for GCP (Google Cloud Platform), AWS, IBM Cloud, HubSpot, Stripe, Zendesk,, Zeplin and many more worth $1,250,000+.

Perks & Benefits

Startups that are admitted to the Aurelia Ventures Program have access to all perks & benefits worth $1,250,000+. Our goal is to help you to reduce your expenses and extend your runway so you can focus on building great products. If you are not part of Aurelia Ventures, please consider applying to our program or have a look at our free perks & benefits for all companies. If you are already part of Aurelia Ventures please log in.

Aurelia Ventures is an official startup partner of AWS Activate, Google for Startups, HubSpot for Startups and Startup with IBM.


Google Cloud credits for Startups

$100,000 GCP and Firebase credits

Value: $100,000

AWS credits for Startups

$10,000 AWS credits + AWS Business Support

Value: $15,000

IBM Cloud credits

$120,000 Cloud Credits

Value: $120,000

Zeplin discount for Startups

$100,000 Segment credits

Value: $100,000

Google Cloud credits for Startups

$7,200 Google Maps API credits

Value: $7,200

Lokalise discount for Startups

6 months free Enterprise plan

Value: $6,000

MongoDB Atlas credits

$3,000 credits for MongoDB Atlas

Value: $3,000

Zeplin discount for Startups

6 Months free Zeplin Starter Plan

Value: $100

Qwiklabs credits

Starter Plan 6 months for free

Value: $78

Qwiklabs credits

$500 credits

Value: $500


HubSpot for Startups discount

90% discount on all plans

Value: $63,360

Lokalise discount for Startups

6 months free of Zendesk Support and Sales CRM

Value: $35,000

Slite for free

Carta Launch for free

Value: $5,000

Slite for free

10 free Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) users for 12 months

Value: $720

Airtable credits for Startups

$2,000 credits

Value: $2,000

Slite for free

10 free users for 12 months

Value: $960

Stripe credits

Waived processing fee for the first $10,000

Value: $350

Xero logo

50% discount on any Xero plan for 6 months

Value: $250

Spenmo discount for Startups

3 months Hotjar business for free

Value: $250

Spenmo discount for Startups

15% discount on any SafetyWing plan

Value: $2,500 credits for Startups

20% off

Value: $140

Stripe Atlas discount

$150 off Stripe Atlas incorporation

Value: $150

1Password discount

6 months free Business, Family, and Personal plans

Value: $95

Spenmo discount for Startups

25% off Spenmo

Value: $75


HubSpot for Startups discount

12 months for free

Value: $12,000


50% discount for 6 months

Value: $210


3 months Sendinblue Premium for free

Value: $195

SEMrush free

1-month free SEMrush Pro

Value: $99

Google Ads credits

$150 credits (US only)

Value: $150

Canva free

Canva Pro fro free for 3 months

Value: $39

Free for everyone

The free perks & benefits can be directly redeemed below and don't require an application to the Aurelia Ventures program. To get access to all perks & benefits worth $1,250,000+ please apply to the Aurelia Ventures Program.

Free TransferWise Business account

Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) 14 days for free

Value: $90

airbnb for work logo

Free business account & corporate discounts

Value: $250

keap logo

50% discount for 3 months

Value: $190

SEMrush free

14 days free SEMrush Pro

Value: $49

20% Unbounce discount

25% discount on any plan

Value: $90

Slack credits

$100 credits

Value: $100

Siteground discount

Discount on hosting packages, free CDN, free SSL, free e-mail and unlimited traffic

Value: $50

bluehost discount

Free domain for 1 year + reduced hosting fee

Value: $50

Free TransferWise Business account

Free business bank account

Value: $30

WP Rocket discount

#1 WordPress acceleration tool

Value: $25

Namecheap discount

Early access to internal promotions

Value: $45

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IBM Cloud credits

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