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Justin Butlion| Business Intelligence & Performance Optimization

Justin is the founder of ProjectBI, an analytics agency that specializes in helping early-stage SaaS and eCommerce companies unlock their true potential through data and analytics. Justin has over 15 years of experience working in hi-tech, has founded multiple companies, and is passionate about growth, optimization, and business intelligence.

Joscha Raue profile

Joscha | Software Engineering, Cloud Engineering, Artificial Intelligence

Driven by the vision of a sustainable future in which all humans thrive, Joscha mobilizes technical talent and collaborates with innovators across the world on developing impact-driven solutions that leverage AI and Cloud.

David profile

David Zibriczky | Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

David has spent 10 years in the industry implementing end-to-end products of data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, he gained solid experience in finding and realizing feasible data-driven use cases for your business. Working as a data scientist, team lead, product owner, and scrum master, he learned the critical steps of successful agile project setup and stakeholder management from several aspects.

AJ Cassata| B2B Sales Coach

AJ is a B2B sales expert that focuses on helping small-midsize companies build their client acquisition engine for scale. He assists with strategy as well as implementation & training.

Marta profile

Marta Ortega Quesada| Marketing Strategy, Social Media Strategy, Social Media Growth Hacking

A marketing expert with a strong link to the lifestyle and tech industries. Having spent several years working in public relations in the lifestyle space, Marta now uses this knowledge to fuel highly effective marketing initiatives for tech startups and especially tech conferences which tend to lack in this aspect. She runs her advisory and consultancy work through Dopeness Agency, a boutique marketing agency that she founded in 2018.


Noemie profile

Noémie Coignus | Branding, art direction, graphic design, color psychology

Noémie is a french art director, living in Barcelona, Spain. Noémie is the owner of an online branding studio, Lunes design, focused on female entrepreneurs, and the creator of a business school for freelance graphic designers, Lunes School. She worked as an art director in advertising agencies (Ogilvy, Ondho), before starting her own business in 2015.

Tony Simonovsky | Helping companies become data-driven through digital analytics, CRO and BI

Being a serial entrepreneur with more than 14 years of experience in digital marketing, Tony Simonovsky started his first business at the age of 19. In 2012 started to live the life of a digital nomad, having lived in India, the US, and Brazil and traveled most of Asia, and Europe by motorcycle.

Joscha Raue profile

Alessandro Coscia | Product Management

He has 12 years of experience in product management, starting as a founder in two startups, and then joining trivago. In the latter, he launched several new products, led product teams, launched a skunkworks team to quickly deliver and test innovative products, and led the development of multiple marketing automation tools. Experienced in B2C and B2B products and internal tooling, his top skills are in e-commerce and retail. Alessandro leverages his interest in psychological research papers and his knowledge in UX in order to increase sales and improve the user experience.

Savinien de Bryas | Facebook Ads Scale Expert

Savinien is a growth evangelist. He kick-started his career as a growth manager for a Copenhagen fundraised football startup. He later joined Germinal, the #1 growth hacking agency in France where he helped dozens of businesses achieve high growth in record times. He now spends $15k dollars on Facebook every day for a New York-based e-commerce amongst other projects.