We supercharge your Fintech startup.

Our personalized Fintech accelerator programs help you to grow faster, reduce infrastructure expenses and connect with Angels and VCs while you work with our experienced team on your challenges. In addition, gain access to perks & benefits worth USD 1.25M+ and extend your runway.

Global Partners

AWS Activate credits for Startups
Google Cloud credits for Startups
IBM Cloud credits
HubSpot for Startups discount
Stripe credits
Airtable credits for Startups

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Program Benefits

Personal Program

Each company is unique and that’s why we personalize the program structure to your needs. Our program is specialized in accelerating Fintech startups to scale more efficiently and extend their runway. Our companies save on avg. USD 57,450 per year.


Get access and gain insights from industry experts about how to build and scale a B2B sales team, AI, business intelligence, marketing, lead generation, and more.

Global Network

Our network reaches from Silicon Valley to Singapore and you are a part of it. Get connected to founders and industry contacts in other regions of the world and build a truly global company.

Expert Guidance

We support you when facing challenges, connect you to our network, and advise you when you need a second opinion. We help streamline your startup so that you can better support your team while scaling quickly.

Learn From Experts

Join live sessions with industry experts and mentors. Participate in webinars, virtual demo days, and mentorship sessions.

Perks & Benefits

Extend your runway as much as possible and eliminate your fixed cost. Get access to up to USD 1,250,000+ in perks and benefits such as cloud credits.

Completely Online

No need to relocate or even leave the office. All events and content are optional so you can cherry-pick what you really need at the moment. Work at your own schedule and from wherever you are. We bring global reach to your workspace. We are here to make scaling startups easier, not to add to your to-do list.

Entrepreneur Community

Join a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who are scaling tech companies right now.

Our Speciality

Exceptional Entrepreneurs.
Global Scale.


From our team in the Americas to our office in Singapore, we provide a global perspective to our startups by combining our insights from our core regions in North America, Europe, and APAC. Our startups have access to our global network of Fintech founders, early-stage VCs, and strategic partners.

Every time a startup joins one of our programs, we personalize the program structure to the needs of each startup to create an environment where founders can be the most productive and focus exclusively on scaling their startups.

Our personalized programs Spark, Rise, and Scale support early-stage software startups to overcome their stage-specific challenges and to scale to the next stage, while the specialized Fundraising Program prepares and guides startups through their fundraising process so they are confident in raising successfully from Business Angels and VCs. On average, we help founders raise up to 2.25x faster than they would otherwise.

You will be part of a global network of entrepreneurs and have access to our USD 1.25M+ in perks & benefits to reduce your burn rate and extend your runway.

In a nutshell, we equip you with the knowledge, experience, network, and perks & benefits you need to scale quickly and efficiently.

Some Of Our Perks & Benefits

After being accepted into the program you will have immediate access to credits and discounts from AWS, HubSpot, Google Stripe and many more worth up to USD 1,250,000+. We are onboarding new partners on a regular basis.

AWS credits for Startups

$100,000 AWS credits + free business support

Value: USD 110,000

IBM Cloud credits

IBM Cloud credits

Value: USD 120,000

HubSpot for Startups discount

90% discount

Value: USD 63,000+

HubSpot for Startups discount

Segment credits

Value: USD 100,000

Google Cloud credits for Startups

Google Cloud credits

Value: Different for each startup

Google Cloud credits for Startups

Twilio + Sendgrid credits

Value: USD 7,500

AWS credits for Startups

Mixpanel credits

Value: USD 50,000

HubSpot for Startups discount

12 months for free

Value: USD 12,000

Stripe credits

Stripe processing fee credits

Value: USD 5,000+

Airtable credits for Startups

Airtable credits

Value: USD 2,000

Get access to all existing and future perks from 70+ partners and by applying to the Scale Program.

What Our Founders Are Saying About Us

Jake profile
Aurelia Ventures has been instrumental in helping us get the resources and tools we need to meet the demand and needs of our business. The team at Aurelia has been extremely responsive and insightful in helping us get what we need at critical times to keep the business moving forward.

Jake, Co-founder & COO Mobile.dev logo
Ex-Google & ex-Uber founding team

Kartik profile
Aurelia Ventures was the first venture firm that we had the opportunity to work with which truly allowed us to get up on our feet with the foundational tools and technologies required for a software startup. It's the best 'Startup Package for Startups' that I saw in the market that helped me filter through all the productivity tools, cloud environments and more - in order to focus on product development - with nice discounts! Thanks to Felix and the team for being so responsive and fun to work with ????

Kartik, Co-founder & CEO Devron AI logo
Ex-CIA and MIT founding team

Aurelia Ventures and their very personal, hands-on approach to support startups is really unique. They were super responsive and there for us whenever we needed them and supported us with the right advice, mentors, cloud credits and discounts at the right time.

- Merritt, Founder & CEO Meet

Reagan - Bamms

Being part of Aurelia Ventures has helped us to make significant progress. The support and their experience of the Aurelia Venture team have been extremely beneficial in our development.

- Reagan, Founder & CEO bamms

Being a start-up in today's date we wanted to partner up with a Mentorship Program that could help us dial further into our efforts. Partnering with Aurelia Ventures provides you with secure, community-based resources for all things required to build a company from the ground up. Felix was a helpful, intelligent, and thoughtful mentor who can provide such insight and guidance.

- Armaan, Co-founder & CEO eatOS

Khasan, Founder of PLEX

Aurelia Ventures helped us in one of the most crucial moments of our startup development. Their personal support, through consulting, and fast and efficient work are what make them unique. They supported us in every aspect, whether it be advice, mentors, or cloud credits, and Felix, the founder of Aurelia Ventures, is a truly awesome person who is willing to help anytime in need.

- Khasan, Co-founder & CTO PLEX

Some Of Our Mentors

After being admitted to the Aurelia Ventures program, you will have access to our network of mentors and free first-time consultations.

HubSpot for Startups discount

B2B Sales Coach


HubSpot for Startups discount

Business Intelligence & Performance Optimization

Justin, ProjectBI

David profile

Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence


Marta profile

Marketing Strategy, Social Media, Growth Hacking

Marta, DopenessAgency

HubSpot for Startups discount

CRO, BI and Data-driven Digital Analytics

Tony, InsightWhale

Alessandro profile

Product Management

Alessandro, eDreams

Joscha Raue profile

DevOps & Cloud Engineering

Joscha, Think-it

Giovanni Pizza profile

SEO & SEM, Multi-channel campaigns

Giovanni, Black Digital

Program Overview

All programs follow the same personalized methodology, are equity-free and help you to grow faster, overcome stage-specific challenges.

Scale Program

Rapid customer adoption and hyper-growth.

Duration: 12 months
Mentors: Unlimited first-time consultation
Webinars: General | Strategic | Fundraising

Perks & Benefits (besides others):

  • $100k AWS credits
  • 90% HubSpot discount
  • $120k IBM credits
  • Everything included in Spark, Rise, and more.

Program fee: $6,990

Rise Program

Gain traction and product-market validation.

Duration: 12 months
Mentors: 8 first-time consultation
Webinars: General | Strategic | Fundraising

Perks & Benefits (besides others):

  • $25k AWS credits
  • 90% HubSpot discount
  • $120k IBM credits
  • $100k AWS credits
  • Everything included in Spark

Program fee: $3,990

Spark Program

Launch your product and acquire your first users.

Duration: 12 months
Mentors: 3 first-time consultation
Webinars: General | Strategic | Fundraising

Perks & Benefits (besides others):

  • $10k AWS credits
  • $4k GCP credits
  • $1k DigitalOcean credits
  • $2k Airtable credits and more.
  • $25k AWS credits
  • $100k AWS credits
  • $120k IBM credits
  • 90% HubSpot discount

Program fee: $1,790

Selection criteria

Our sweet spot is Fintech startups from the US, Canada, the UK, Germany, Singapore, and Australia, but we occasionally work with companies outside these key places.

What matters is:
  • You are building a Fintech product or service with software at its core.
  • Your team members have tech industry experience.
It doesn’t matter:
  • If your product is live or if you are in stealth mode.
  • If you generate revenue.
  • How many people work in your company or if it’s only you.
  • Your location.

Program requirements

When you are scaling your company, we know that time is precious. That’s why you will have a minimal commitment during the program. All events and content are optional so you can cherry-pick what you really need at the moment.

Benefit immediately from our perks and benefits, join a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, and network with mentors and investors, all on your own schedule.

Our low-commitment program structure is personalized to your company and its needs. The frequency of our meetings depends on how much you need our support. We are here to make scaling companies more efficient, not to add to your to-do list.

Application Process

The whole process from application to acceptance takes between 2-3 business days. We know speed is essential and some things can't wait.



We will review your application within 24 hours during business days.


After our initial review, we invite selected startups for an interview.

The interview will include the CEO and up to 2 key team members who will participate in the program (joining the guidance sessions, webinars, online community, etc.).


After your interview, our venture committee will make a final decision on your application within 24 hours. We notify startups of their acceptance to the program on the day after the interview.


You will have immediate access to all mentors, content, community, perks & benefits, and help from our team.

Apply by August 31 to the Summer 2022 cohort

Admission on a rolling basis. Each cohort is limited to 10 startups and will be closed before the deadline ends when all seats are taken.