Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to commonly asked questions about Aurelia Ventures Programs. If you don't find the answer that you're looking for, please contact Sophia at


Are there any requirements to apply to the Aurelia Ventures Program?

Yes. You are building a product or service that has software at its core.
Moreover, you haven’t raised more than a Series A.

Do you take equity?

No, we don’t take equity from our portfolio companies. We believe that founders should keep the majority of their equity (especially in the early stages).

How does Application and Onboarding work at Aurelia Ventures?

#1 Application: Apply to our program. We will review your application within 24 hours during business days.

#2 Interview: In the following days after our initial review, we will invite selected startups for an interview. We want to get to know your company and the founding team a bit better. We also wish to give you the opportunity to get to know the Aurelia Ventures team and ask any questions you may have.

#3 Review: After your interview, our venture committee will make the final decision within 24 hours. We notify start-ups of their acceptance to the program on the day after the interview. In case we don’t see a perfect fit we will provide you with detailed feedback about our decision.

#4 Kick-off: From day one you will have immediate access to all mentors, content, community, perks, and benefits, and help from our team. Depending on your availability you will book a kick-off session where you will discuss your specific needs with the Aurelia Ventures team.

What happens after being accepted into one of the programs?

Congratulations! Once admitted to the program you will have immediate access to the Aurelia Ventures team, our mentors, webinars, community, and perks & benefits. At your earliest convenience, you will book a kick-off call with us to discuss more in-depth how Aurelia Ventures will support you in your journey.

What’s the difference between the Scale - Rise - Spark Program

Scale Program (Rapid customer adoption and hyper-growth)

Duration: 12 months
Mentors: Unlimited first-time consultation
Webinars: General | Strategic | Fundraising
Program fee: USD 6,990
Perks & Benefits (besides others):

  • $100k AWS credits
  • 90% HubSpot discount
  • $120k IBM credits
  • Everything is included in Spark, Rise, and more.

Rise Program (Gain traction and product-market validation)

Duration: 12 months
Mentors: 8 first-time consultation
Webinars: General | Strategic | Fundraising
Program fee: USD 3,990
Perks & Benefits (besides others):

  • $25k AWS credits
  • 90% HubSpot discount
  • $120k IBM credits
  • $100k AWS credits
  • Everything included in Spark

Spark Program (Launch your product and acquire your first users)

Duration: 12 months
Mentors: 3 first-time consultation
Webinars: General | Strategic | Fundraising
Program fee: USD 1,790
Perks & Benefits (besides others):

  • $10k AWS credits
  • $4k GCP credits
  • $1k DigitalOcean credits
  • $2k Airtable credits and more.
  • $25k AWS credits
  • $100k AWS credits
  • $120k IBM credits
  • 90% HubSpot discount

Does your program have any regional restrictions?

No. Our program doesn't have any regional restrictions. It's open for software startups worldwide, no matter where you are located.

Are Aurelia Ventures programs free?

No, there’s a program fee to cover the costs of operation for each program. It’s a one-time fee and includes a 1-year membership for your company with access to all existing and upcoming perks & benefits, credits, discounts, mentor networks, and webinars, etc.

All Aurelia Ventures programs are equity free, you will not have to give your equity in order to join our programs.

When is the program fee due?

Once you receive the acceptance letter to the program. It’s usually 1-2 days after the interview. You will have 7 days to settle the program fee. The fee has to be settled before the program starts.

Can I get access to the partner benefits without being accepted into a program?

No. Partner benefits such as cloud credits are granted by our partners to our portfolio companies that were accepted into one of our programs.

What is the language of the program?

All Aurelia Ventures programs are conducted in English.