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About Aurelia Ventures

While scaling our own startups over the past 8+ years we often thought to ourselves: “I wish I would have known that before.”

In contrary to the life “inside the comfort zone”, as an entrepreneur, you deal with uncertainty on a daily basis. Curveballs come your way regularly and eventually, you will learn how to thrive and scale in that environment. But even the best entrepreneurs need sometimes support.

Aurelia Ventures prepares you for the curveballs, helps you to overcome challenges and connects you to the right people when you need it most.


The Aurelia Ventures Program is tailored to your milestones and all about where you want to be with your startup in 12 months. We help you to get the right documents in place, get the right tools and structures integrated, show you what to watch out for, connect you with specialists who can help you something goes wrong and connect you to like-minded entrepreneurs who are on the same journey as you.

As a founder, you will be the main decision-maker for everything in your company. We help you to overcome the challenges and supercharge your growth. We provide you with the fuel for your rocket.

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At Aurelia Ventures, we believe that with the right support, network and community more big ideas can become reality. We provide you with more than just a good network. We give you guidance with actionable feedback; connect you to lawyers, accountants, designers, engineers and other professionals who can help you out when you need it; provide access to credits and discounts and connect you to a global network of entrepreneurs.

We help entrepreneurs to go further, faster.

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Aurelia Ventures does not take equity in your company. After being accepted to the Aurelia Ventures Program you will get access to our network of mentors and all perks and benefits worth $1,250,000+. You will have a risk-free 100% money-back guarantee if you don't get any benefit out of our program. Our goal is to notify the entrepreneur within 24 hours of submitting the application.

There’s a $3,990 program fee per startup to cover the costs of running the program due upon admission to the program.

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