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Aurelia Ventures is the equity-free accelerator for tech-entrepreneurs worldwide. We support startups with our personal accelerator program that is tailored to your milestones, access to our network of mentors and access to perks & benefits worth $1,250,000+.

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The Aurelia Ventures Program follows a unique program structure that adjusts to the milestones of your startup and supports you with access to industry experts a global network of entrepreneurs and perks & benefits to reduce your burn-rate and extend your runway.

You have the rocket, we give you the fuel. We supercharge an entrepreneurs’ vision by providing a personal accelerator program that is based on your milestones and needs, a network of mentors who will help you out when something goes sideways and perks & benefits worth $1,250,000+ so you can increase your runway and reduce your expenses. In addition to that, you join a community of global entrepreneurs that are scaling startups right now.

We are entrepreneurs ourselves. We can look back on +10 years of scaling tech-companies and living the “startup rollercoaster”. When you scale a company many things will come your way which are impossible to predict before. We help you to excel in these times.

In a nutshell, we equip you with the knowledge, discounts, credits and network you need to know to build a successful company.

What our startups are saying about us

Roman Pfeiffer profile

The Google Cloud Platform (GCP) credits have been tremendously helpful for us at EasyAlfred. It's been a pleasure to speak with Felix and the Aurelia Ventures team throughout this year. And the value is paid in the first month in software savings.

- Brian, Founder & CEO EasyAlfred

Sophia profile

Aurelia Ventures and their very personal, hands-on approach to support startups is really unique. They were super responsive and there for us whenever we needed them and supported us with the right advice, mentors, cloud credits and discounts at the right time.

- Merritt, Founder & CEO Meet

Marta profile

Being part of Aurelia Ventures has helped us to make significant progress. The support and their experience of the Aurelia Venture team have been extremely beneficial in our development.

- Reagan, Founder & CEO bamms

Roman Pfeiffer profile

The cloud credits had a huge impact on our startup. They have helped us to significantly reduce our R&D expenses and allowed us to get from MVP to proof of concept in a very short time. Felix also introduced us to his extended network where we meet an amazing advisor who is also supporting us now.

- Shadi, Co-founder Axcel

Sophia profile

Being a start-up in todays’ date we wanted to partner up with a Mentorship Program that could help us dial in further into our efforts. Partnering with Aurelia Ventures provides you with secure, community based resource for all things required to build a company from ground-up. Alessio and Felix are helpful, intelligent, and thoughtful mentors who can provide such insight and guidance.

- Armaan, Co-founder & CEO eatOS

Khasan, Founder of PLEX

Aurelia Ventures helped us in one of the most crucial moments of our startup development. Their personal support, throughout consulting, fast and efficient work is what makes them unique. They supported us in every aspect, whether it be advice, mentors, or cloud credits and Felix and Alessio, the founders of Aurelia Ventures, are truly awesome people who are willing to help anytime in need.

- Khasan, Co-founder & CTO PLEX

Roman Pfeiffer profile

Aurelia Ventures has been instrumental in helping us get the resources and tools we need to meet the demand and needs of our business. The team at Aurelia has been extremely responsive and insightful in helping us get what we need at critical times to keep the business moving forward.

- Jake, Co-founder & COO perf.dev

Sophia profile

Aurelia Ventures was the first venture firm that we had the opportunity to work with which truly allowed us to get up on our feet with the foundational tools and technologies required for a software startup. It's the best 'Startup Package for Startups' that I saw in the market that helped me filter through all the productivity tools, cloud environments and more - in order to focus on product development - with nice discounts! Thanks to Felix and the team for being so responsive and fun to work with ????

- Kartik, Co-founder & CEO Devron.ai

Khasan, Founder of PLEX

Our business grew to over 1.5m users in under 6 months. Our server costs were ballooning faster than we could iterate our pricing structure. Aurelia Ventures gave us immediate access to hosting credits allowing for some breathing space to align our costs and pricing structure without needing to limit our growth trajectory.

- Ben, Founder COVID Comply

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Aurelia Ventures Program


Our low-commitment program structure is best suited for ambitious entrepreneurs who want to benefit immediately from our mentor network and perks and benefits, don’t want to give away equity and who are interested in joining a community of like-minded (serial-) entrepreneurs.

The program is tailored to the needs of startups across industries and business models that develop technology products or services for external customers or users (B2C or B2B). We work with startups worldwide, at various development stages.

We help you to focus on what you do best:

Building incredible companies.


Program benefits
  • Access to discounts and credits for GCP (Google Cloud Platform), AWS, IBM Cloud, HubSpot, Stripe and more worth $1,250,000+.
  • Access to the Aurelia Ventures entrepreneur network which connects you to entrepreneurs worldwide which are scaling businesses right now
  • Support from the Aurelia Ventures team that that is experienced in building technology companies around the globe
  • Access to our network of mentors for AI, cybersecurity, growth hacking, UX, SEM and SEO and many others who know how to help you when you need the second opinion of an expert
Management Consulting, Business Development, Technology Innovation

Free insider benefits.

Get invited to free perks & benefits, free mentor sessions and free resources for your startup.

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About Aurelia Ventures


Built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. We have founded companies in LATAM, Europe, and Asia (Hong Kong and Singapore). As Entrepreneurs, we know the struggle and went through the whole “startup rollercoaster” multiple times.

We support ambitious entrepreneurs with our network, knowledge and experiences to build better companies.

We have experienced first hand that nothing trumps experience and access to the right people at the right time. We have also partnered up with the best companies in the valley to provide you with perks & benefits worth $1,250,000+ so you can scale as lean and efficient as possible.

Management Consulting, Business Development, Technology Innovation

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